Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Figure Drawing

Sculpture Planning - SHM head

Starting with random shapes based on square,
circles and triangles...
THEN... i identified the "familiar" shape...

Figuring out the 3 dimensionality of the 2D sketch

Front, 3/4 view and back views for the mold.

Stop Motion Animation Workshop - Walt Disney Family Museum_SF

Me and Ruben Esqueda

Experimental Sculpture - Feb/May 2013

The clay mold depicted here was an attempt to create the SHM (Shrunken Head Man) logo in 3D. It was interesting and fun to create something that it has only been seen in 2D, as a drawing/stamp. My very first clay sculpture with oil based clay, ivory color.

This the base for the SHM tentative head sculpture

Placing the "head"
The clay mode is ready for the plaster...

Preparation materials and mold already done

Afterwards... below is the process

Preparation: dividing the clay mold in half with aluminum sheets.
It will have different colors to distinguish the
front/back of the object

Adding a layer of Mold Release
Preparing to pour the Urethane (Rubber)
Preparation with a plastic container in case of leaks
The plaster and the rubber poured 
Waiting to cool off... So interesting! It gets hot!

After removing the aluminum shields...
Ready to be opened...Notice here the different colors.
 While preparing the plaster mix, blue colorant is added
to the plaster

Make a groove (notice the different colors to separate the front
and the back of the object. File the division making a groove
before attempting to open with a sharp tool

Opening the mold

Removing the clay

Filing and smoothing it out to
remove the "undercuts"

Tools used to shave the groove and
to open the mold

After removing the clay, check the
fitting of both sides
Mix both parts according to directions on bottle

This is my first attempt to create a wood sculpture. My ideas were: first, a small elephant which was totally adorable and cute, and the second option was a gnomon head. Well, my classmates and teacher told me to go for the gnomon head... Pretty challenging, but it turned out really cool! This head was done with Bass wood and its cost was $7.00 for the block.

Preparation: on the left, a clay sculpture as model
on the right, the initial sketch for the first trims
on the machine
Line drawing preparing for the first cuts. Side view

Front view, after the first trims

Side view, after first trims

Use clay mold to check cuts and proportions
of the head

Rough cuts...

Trimming for the proportions.  Cuts where done
just enough for placement of face features, with
plenty of wood to be carved into the actual features

Preparation on the table vice. Clay mold
always handy...

Shaving proportionally for features.... some parts
of the wood might surprise you and be challenging
to be carved.  Use your imagination!

"Good" side of the wood...

Noticed the left side of the face and how it went
flat.  It would just chip away... 

Eventually I carved far enough that was giving
me problems was removed...

The critique

Side view

Clay and Bass wood Gnomon Sculpture

Final View